Chase suspect crashes into Pasadena ISD school

PASADENA, TX It was a brick wall at Morris Middle School in Pasadena that stopped the man police were after.

Police say they started chasing the man wanted for several robberies near Shaver and Crenshaw. They say he was armed with a shotgun and accused of "jump out" robberies on his victims from Pasadena to the city of South Houston and Houston.

On this summer Sunday, no one was inside the school.

"We wanted to be sure, first of all, no one was at work," said Renea Ivy Smith with Pasadena ISD. "So there was no one here at the building, so fortunately, no injuries and that was the most important thing to us at the time."

Maintenance crews fenced off the damage. The truck did not go through the front glass of the building so the district does not expect any problems for 800 5th and 6th graders on the first day of school August 27.

"We expect to see all of our middle school kids that day and what we're going to do is tomorrow, our construction crew will be here to rebuild the part of the building that was damaged and it's nothing that affects the interior, classrooms or offices," said Ivy Smith.

Pasadena ISD says they will also have engineers do structural tests on the building before the kids go back to school.

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