Houston council member seeks to condemn run-down SE Houston complex


The complex was inspected by the city of Houston last year and was given time to bring it up to code. But that, according to the residents and Houston Councilwoman Wanda Adams, has passed.

There are 80 families who live at the Crestmont Village apartments. The problem is what some of them say they have to live with.

"Once I got in, I started seeing what everybody was talking about -- the bedbugs, the mildew," resident Shertira Manning said.

Last year, we reported on similar issues at the complex. For example, we found an apartment with a tarp on the ceiling. On Friday, we found the same apartment with the same leak, same tarp. But it has a new tenant, who's on the verge of tears.

"You have to let your kids runs around in sewage, you have to bring a swmming pool out, your grandmother sits on the porch and sweats. You don't have to live like this," tenant Ariel McCloud said.

Last week, the power went out because of an eletricial problem and stayed out for days. The heat only added to the stench of mold in carpets from leaks that have given rise to maggots and swarms of flies.

"If you look close, you can see it crawling up. I have to keep sweepng them out of the house," Manning said.

Adams brought the force of the city down on the complex last year and thought it was in compliance. After seeing it today...

"I'm just done. I think something needs to be done with these apartments. They actually need to be condemned, non-liveable for the residents," Adams said. "Hopefully, I'll get back with the mayor and city saying we need to do something."

Adams attempted to speak with the apartment manager, who refused to open the door. The window was covered with a number of city citations.

Back at one of the apartments, with a sagging floor and a tarp on the ceiling, McCloud waits.

"It's not right. You just leave us lke this, and I dont know," McCloud said.

Adams says she plans to meet Monday morning with the city's legal department as well as code enforcement.

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