Who could use an extra $200?

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These are five simple changes you can make this weekend and before you know it you've racked up hundreds of dollars in savings!

#1 Overdosing on Detergent

  • $60/yr savings by not adding too much detergent. Not only does it waste money, but it's really hard on your clothes

    #2 Over Charging Smartphones

  • $100/yr saving
  • Use a timer (cost about $20) to charge items like your smartphone. It shuts off after 1/2hr, 3hrs or 6 hrs so you're not over charging and wasting energy. Not only are you saving money, but you're saving the life of your battery which can wear down much faster when you over-charge it. You can also do this on your TV and other appliances to save a lot of money.

    #3 The Microwave is Your Friend

  • $40/yr savings just by making tea the right way!
  • The stove is a huge money guzzler. If you're making, say, one cup of tea, you should warm the water in the microwave vs. on the stove.

    #4 Use the Right Font

  • $50/yr savings
  • Many assume the default font is the best, but simply changing your font to Century Gothic can save 20% on your ink jet or cartridge usage!

    #5 Defrost in the Refrigerator

  • BONUS - Undetermined amount of savings
  • Take your frozen meal/dinner out in the morning and defrost in your refrigerator instead of using your oven to defrost when you get home.
  • Oven is another energy hog, by doing this two things are happening, it will properly defrost slowly all day long and because these are frozen blocks of food. As they're actually defrosting, they're keeping the refrigerator cooler, meaning it's using less energy to stay cold, too.

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