Proposal for traffic light in Fort Bend County community is causing a stir


The county did a study after a close call there a year and a half ago near the school when a child was nearly hit but a vehicle. The study says traffic lights here are warranted.

"We're afraid for the safety of the children," said Carol DeNeefe.

Those opposed to putting a traffic light at the intersection inside Greatwood are already passing out flyers, soliciting support.

"I think it's a terrible idea. I just don't think that people thought about it," DeNeefe said.

There are currently only stop signs controlling the intersection at Greatwood Parkway and Sansbury Road, an intersection adjacent to Dickinson Elementary. Hundreds of children come and go there every school day. In the mornings, particularly traffic gets heavy. Some think a traffic signal would help.

"To me it would be a great idea. It would be a lot safer for the kids on their way home," said Stephanie Fimbel.

A Lamar Consolidated ISD spokesperson says school administrators just want what's best for those kids.

"The area is unsafe, there's a lot of traffic issues, and we need a solution," said Mike Rockwood with Lamar CISD.

But others question whether a traffic signal is really a solution.

"I don't see any way to make it safer. They're gonna run through a stop sign or they're gonna run through a yellow light," said homeowner Stacey Richards.

And a green light, some argue, will only encourage speeding through the neighborhood.

"The traffic could get very fast," said John Scarborough.

He helped launch an online petition just Thursday, an effort to stop the addition of the lights. It's not so much the aesthetics of adding traffic signals there that troubles him, Scarborough says, it's that this, in his opinion, could make the intersection less safe. That's why he says they will fight.

"Maybe not, but we gotta try," Scarborough said.

Neighbors also worry about drivers cutting through the neighborhood to avoid the signal.

The issue still must be approved by county commissioners.

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