Save money on your cell phone bill without switching providers

April 8, 2013 9:26:05 PM PDT
It is costing you more to have a cell phone. JD Power & Associates says the average U.S. family spends more than $1,600 a year on phones, but there is a way to cut the cost; and the best part is it's free.

If you think your cell phone bill is getting out of hand, you are not alone. They are up more than 20 percent in seven years, but you can save without switching providers.

Cynthia Gratzer was tired of paying high cell phone bills.

"We were completely overspending," Gratzer said.

The reason?

"We started off with the cell phone company we are with with one phone, and my husband and I had two separate phone lines, and eventually we added him on, and then we added on an iPad," she said.

The added devices added to the monthly bill, so Gratzer took a chance on a website that promises to find ways to cut the cost, and she said the savings were huge.

"$980 a year," she said.

The website that found the savings is VERA's It works by analyzing how you use your devices then compares that to plans offered by your current provider.

"We show you four different recommendations where you can get savings," Todd Dunphy with VERA said.

Dunphy once worked in the cell phone industry and says cell plans are often too confusing for most consumers to navigate. The website he helped create does the job in seconds and then helps you cash in on the savings.

"We connect you to your carrier via summary email where you can actually make the plan change," Dunphy explained.

The service works right now with AT&T and Verizon.

So where does the "love" and "give" part come in? The website currently allows consumers to donate a portion of their found savings if they choose, but there is no obligation. You can give $5, $10, $25 or more through the site to Seven Bar Foundation, a nonprofit organization that makes micro loans to women in need. The donations are made via PayPal, not directly from your cellphone bill. is based out of Sugar Land and has been running since January.

"We are up to $4.7 million in savings," Dunphy said.

How much can you save? The average is $300 per year. And again, the giving part is voluntary.

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