State rep's comments about breastfeeding in public cause outrage


Michelle Hickman and Brittany Warfield say as mothers who breast-fed all of their children...

"I'm a little offended by that," Hickman told us.

Warfield said, "I just don't understand the modesty comments."

Their jaws dropped when they read a Facebook post from State Representative Debbie Riddle referring to House Bill 1706 which would allow breastfeeding mothers to file a lawsuit if someone interferes with them feeding their baby in public.

Representative Riddle wrote: "Now, I am all in favor of breast feeding - however it is important for women to be modest while feeding their baby - and most women are modest and respectful. But, a bill that would allow for law suits if one "interfered" with a woman breast feeding is really going a bit far. If a business owner objects to a woman who is not being modest then be fearful of a law suit is government out of control."

She goes on, "Needless to say - I am not supporting this bill."

Hickman -- an activist who lead a "nurse-in" at a local Target after she was asked not to breastfeed her son in public, then helped Warfield who was asked to leave a store for nursing her baby -- actually testified in Austin this week to support the House Bill to allow moms to take action if they aren't allowed to breastfeed.

"Whether I exercise that option or not, that option is at least available to me and it's been afforded to me by law to file suit against that person or business," said Hickman.

As for Rep. Riddle's opposition to the bill...

"What are we to do, is my question for her? What would she like for us to do?" said Warfield.

We reached out to Rep. Riddle for comment, but as of yet, haven't heard back from her.

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