Houston jeweler designs Super Bowl ring for Texans as motivation

February 1, 2013 4:19:42 PM PST
Everyone is gearing up for Super Bowl, and while the Houston Texans won't be playing in the Superdome come Sunday, one local jeweler thinks he has a unique vision to get the team to the next Super Bowl.

Many of visionaries will tell to bring an idea into reality, it must first be down on paper. Well, we are now seeing exactly what the goal is for the Texans' next season.

It's the type of jewelry the Texans were hoping to be playing for this Sunday -- a Super Bowl ring.

Houston company Diamond Cutters International has designed or manufactured eight for NFL champions since 1995. Their latest concept, though, has some Texans fans drooling over the diamond ring of dominance.

"It's guaranteed in the next five years, we've got to get one of these bad boys," Texans player Kevin Coffman said.

The store's owner Fred Cuellar is already working on designs for the winner of this year's Super Bowl. He and his team have drafted several different version, should they win the bid.

But the Texans logo is extra special here in H-town. The design is a made of 11 to 12 carats. The Texans logo is made of Kashmir sapphire and Burmese ruby, with a diamond star. The outer band consists of baguettes and diamonds to give the illusion of flashing paparazzi bulbs. And can you believe it was all conjured up in a hot shower.

"The idea starts in the morning when I take a shower and the ideas start coming to my head," said Joe Garcia, art director of Diamond Cutters International.

Garcia has designed several Super Bowl rings and he wanted the horns on the Texans logo to be "hooking" the Lombardi Trophy. "And see the logo, it is like tilted. The real logo, how they use it on the helmet," Garcia said.

So why design it? Why play with our emotions when we thought this was our year? Cuellar says believing is seeing.

"I think if enough Texans start realizing, hey yea we believe, then it's going to go from that page into a ring one of these great players' fingers," he said.

On average, each Super Bowl ring ranges from $10,000-$25,000, which the NFL pays for. And usually there are about 150 rings given to the teams to account for players, coaching staff and administration.

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