Northwest Houston water outage over after five days

January 7, 2013 6:49:32 PM PST
Thousands in northwest Houston are now being told to boil their water after workers hit a water pipe late last week.

The water went out last Thursday and since then, Aqua Texas, the company which services the area, said its crews had been working non-stop to fix the problem. But that didn't happen until Monday afternoon and by then, patience had run out for a lot of residents and businesses.

It's been an incredibly frustrating five days for those living and working in the area of West Little York near Cunningham. Robert Holt had almost no running water in his home since Thursday.

"We have not showered since Thursday," he said. "I'm sure I smell like roses today."

Water had been going in and out for nearly 100 homes, dozens of businesses and a large apartment complex. Holt says he'd called Aqua Texas several times but he felt like he wasn't getting any straight answers. So he called a whole list of people and Eyewitness News.

"We can put a man on the moon but we can't get water in our kitchen," Holt said. "That's bad."

The water at Holt's house came back while we were talking with him, but just in a small stream with no water pressure.

"One of our actual customers was putting in a storm sewer line and broke into our eight-inch water line," Aqua Texas president Bob Laughman explained.

Laughman said crews worked non-stop until the water was turned back on around 5:30pm Monday. But even then, water pressure was low and residents were put under a 24-hour boil notice, or until the company notifies them otherwise.

However, there is a silver lining. Customers won't have to pay for the time they didn't have water and they may also be eligible for a discount.

"If it's out of service for over 24 hours where you have zero service, we have to discount," Laughman said.

The president also said company representatives will go door to door to deliver bottled water to residents.

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