HISD extends Superintendent Grier's contract


Terry Grier's original contract would have ended by 2014. With Thursday's vote, the board was essentially rewarding him for leading a successful bond referendum of $1.89 billion. That passage of the bond package would ensure that many schools get much needed repairs.

The vote to extend his contract wasn't unanimous. It was 6-2.

But speaking for the majority, HISD trustee Harvin Moore explained why the extension happened now.

"We've got a big city, a big school district so people are going to have different opinions. But the strong opinion among people all over the community is that we're on the right track, we've got very good leadership, a strong leader who likes it here, and I think stability is very good for the district," Moore said.

Board President Mike Lunceford and trustee Juliete Stipeche voted against it. Lunceford says he's not against Grier but didn't think it was right to simply extend the contract.

"My vote is basically not in support or un-support of the superintendent. It's my same belief that I personally have a hard time extending a contract that's multiyear past my contract with the people who elected me," Lunceford said.

Grier joined HISD in 2009.

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