Woman escapes would-be carjackers amid gunfire


That woman is safe at home after driving around for hours after she was almost robbed while stopped at a red light. Police say when she refused to give up her car, the crooks opened fire.

The victim wasn't interested in speaking for our camera, but police say what happened to her could happen to anyone.

"Luckily she got away safely with no injuries," said HPD Sgt. Ken Serres.

On her way home from work and stopped at a red light on T.C. Jester near the West Loop, police tell us the woman noticed another vehicle pull up behind her and two men get out. Police say that's when the woman made the split second decision to drive off.

"She got nervous and she started easing through the light because she felt nervous and she heard four gunshots," Sgt. Serres said.

At least four shots were fired at the victim's car. The shell casings remained behind on the roadway.

Police believe there was a total of three men involved -- two of the men shooting at the victim's car and the third suspect acting as their getaway driver.

Police say this type of crime is common.

Sgt. Serres cautioned, "Always be alert to your surroundings. Look where you are, and always, if you get a chance, look at the cars beside you and see if they are acting suspicious and never take a chance."

The victim drove to the Southwest Freeway where she stopped at Kroger's for help, knowing there was a security guard who worked on the property.

Police say the suspects were driving a maroon or burgundy colored four-door sedan, either a Lincoln or a Cadillac, and the motive appears to be robbery.

Police say the woman involved here was fortunate to not have been injured, and urge people to be extra aware of their surroundings, especially when sitting at red lights.

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