Police make arrests in string of ATM robberies


Police cracked the case with a combination of luck and good detective work. Every time the suspects hit, they got a better look at them and their vehicle from surveillance cameras and used that knowledge against them.

One of their victims goes by David Allyn. The Texas country music artist was depositing payment from the night's gig last Monday at a Chase Bank on Westheimer when he suddenly found himself looking down the barrels of a pistol and an assault rifle.

"They showed up out of nowhere. I didn't even see them come in, nothing," Allyn told Eyewitness News.

The suspects were masked. They demanded cash and anything he had of value. He admits he stalled in giving anything up and that's when he says they pistol whipped him in the face.

"I'm very lucky and blessed that I didn't get shot; that was first and foremost," said Allyn.

An undercover police officer witnessed the entire thing from across the street. Investigators determined the suspects hit eight other banks in the prior nine days, all within a few blocks along Westheimer.

Police believe the three suspects are responsible for robberies at the following dates, times and locations:

  • Oct. 21 -- about 10:20pm at 11560 Westheimer
  • Oct. 23 -- about 9:15pm at 10420 Westheimer
  • Oct. 23 -- about 10:05pm at 10420 Westheimer
  • Oct. 23 -- about 10:30pm at 10118 Westheimer
  • Oct. 25 -- about 9:05pm at 8081 Westheimer
  • Oct. 25 -- about 10:25pm at 10101 Westheimer
  • Oct. 27 -- about 10:10pm at 8384 Westheimer
  • Oct. 27 -- about 10:35pm at 10411 Westheimer
  • Oct. 29 -- about 8:45pm at 11560 Westheimer

"It happens instantaneously. The whole robbery may have taken 20 seconds," said Lt. Tim Kubiak.

The suspects fled in their vehicle, weaving in and out of traffic up Westheimer to Dairy Ashford where they then sideswiped a marked police car and lost control.

Jamarcus Terrel White, Andre Nathan Howard and Warren Anthony Howard -- known gang members, police say, with extensive criminal histories -- were arrested. Two rifles, an automatic pistol and ski masks and gloves were found in their vehicle. Police say they injured at least five of the victims they robbed.

White, 26, Andre Howard, 21, and Warran Howard, 27, are charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. White and Andre Howard are also charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery.

"People like that, that prey on unsuspecting people, need to be in jail," said Allyn. "Just as simple as that."

In addition to these nine robberies at ATMs in the city, police say these same suspects might be good for five or more cases in the county.

If you were victimized in a similar scenario, police would like to talk to you. You can call the Houston police robbery division at 713-308-0700.

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