Homeowners on edge after rash of break-ins in communities in southeast Harris County


Deputies say thieves are breaking in during the day, hitting homes where alarm aren't activated. They're taking valuables left out in the open, rather than in a safe.

"All week long there's always been constables up and down the street, all week long," resident Johnny Huebner said.

Huebner didn't know why he's lately seen more patrolling on his street until now.

"Now that you told me that, I'm gonna have to really watch out more and alert neighbors around here to what's going on as well," he said.

In fact, Precinct 2 constables are pulling double duty in Kirkmont, Sageglen and surrounding neighborhoods.

"We have the night shift crew staying late four hours, the evening shift crew coming in four hours early," Precinct 2 Sgt. Zerick Guinn said.

It's all because of a rash of home burglaries. So far this month, there have been 18 across the area and more recently concentrated in Kirkmont.

"At least three on this street alone," concerned resident Jerry Riggan said.

"Really high. That's scary," concerned resident Angie Sanchez said.

Guinn says the thieves are breaking in during the day, wearing gloves and stealing jewelry.

"What they do, they ring or knock on the door, and when no one answers, then they try to kick the front door in," Guinn said.

"I don't answer the door at all. I just look thru the peephole and if I don't know them, I don't open the door," concerned resident Asha Vasquez said.

But that's the wrong thing to do, according to deputies. They say let them know someone is home.

"If it's a burglar, they'll give you some fake informational, like I'm looking for Mr. Smith or I'm looking for Mrs. Johnson and then they'll just leave," Guinn said.

And that's just what happened Monday afternoon to one homeowner in Sage-Glenn moments before our interview with Guinn.

"She described them as well-dressed, very mannerable. She said the young man was extremely polite to her, low hair cut -- a very clean cut gentleman and he was very police. He just told her, 'I'm sorry I have the wrong house,' and he left," Guinn said.

The getaway car is being described to authorities as a four-door, gold- or tan-colored sedan.

Anyone with information about the break-ins is asked to contact authorities or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.

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