Mom: School let my son, 8, walk home alone


On Tuesday afternoon, he walked from Highland Heights Elementary to his home on Homer Street. It's a distance of a nearly one-mile distance.

The school says the incident still under review but it's possible the little simply didn't follow instructions. But his mother contends that an eight-year-old who is new to the neighborhood shouldn't have been allowed to walk off.

Eight-year-old Christon Duncantel can give detailed directions home from school. They're directions his mother didn't even know he knew -- directions she wishes he never used.

"My child's life was compromised," Sheritta Hudson said.

Hudson planned on picking up the 3rd grader after his tutorial at Highland Heights Elementary Tuesday afternoon, but well before it was over, there was a knock at the door.

"All of sudden, I hear my grandmother yelling and my son was at the door and he's crying and puffy and red and I asked. 'How did you get home?' I asked him and he said he said I walked," Hudson said.

He walked almost a mile by himself around corners, down narrow streets and mostly with no sidewalks.

"It was a dangerous way," Hudson said.

Christon says the teacher told him he wasn't signed up for tutoring and that he needed to wait outside for his mother.

"I didn't know what to do," he said.

So the young boy just left and no one noticed.

"It raised no flag to say, hey there's a child walking," Hudson said.

Add it to what happened on August 8.

"My child was previously kidnapped," Hudson said.

And it makes Hudson even more anxious. HPD confirms they responded to reports that non-custodial family members took Christon without Hudson's knowledge. She says the incident is part of her son's file at school.

In response HISD says first administrators are reviewing what happened. That they were not made aware of any special circumstances before Tuesday and that they will continue the review to ensure proper protocol was followed.

They're not quite the answers Hudson was looking for. She remains nervous.

"So many things could have happened before he showed up at the door," Hudson said.

After we talked to the district, the mother says the assistant principal called her and told her the boy is now on the tutorial roster and that they've made special notes on his enrollment forms about his transportation and who is and isn't allowed to pick him up.

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