HPD officer fires weapon at alleged beer thief


Police say officers were driving by a convenience store on Dowling around 11pm Saturday when a clerk ran out yelling he had been robbed.

Officers stopped and the clerk pointed out a car and said the robber was inside. The driver obeyed police commands to come out with his hands up. They say a passenger in the backseat was moving around.

"The passenger in the back seat got out of the vehicle and started to make a move like he was going to get down on the ground then jumped up and made an aggressive move at the officer," HPD spokesperson Kese Smith said. "The officer, fearing for her safety, discharged her duty weapon one time, did not strike the suspect."

The officer is a 16-year veteran named P. Briscoe. The suspect fled and has not been caught.

The remaining suspects were taken into custody and police say they found a stolen 24-pack of beer inside their car.

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