HPD officer involved in overnight shootout


It happened on Black Maple at Deep Forest around10:30pm. Police received a call that several men were stealing from a home in the area.

When police arrived, they say the men drove off in a black BMW. After a short chase, some of those suspects jumped out of the vehicle and as officers began to chase those suspects on foot, police say another suspect who was still in the vehicle hit one officer with his car.

"The driver of the black BMW intentionally strikes one of our officers as he's fleeing the scene," said HPD spokesperson Victor Senties. "That officer is going to be fine. He received just minor scrapes and bumps and bruises."

Police say three other suspects ran away.

"As Officer Henriquez is pursuing one of the suspects, the suspect turns and pulls out a pistol and he fires at the officer several times but did not hit him. Our officer, obviously in fear of his life, discharges his duty weapon several times," said Senties.

Police say Officer Henriquez shot the suspect in the leg, but that didn't stop him.

"He gets up again and he retreives his weapon again and again fires several shots toward Officer Henriquez, who again in fear of his life, returns fire. At that point the suspect surrenders. He's taken into custody," Senties said.

Police say Officer Henriquez wasn't injured in the shootout. The injured suspect was transported to Ben Taub Hospital and is expected to be OK.

Police found the abandoned vehicle about two blocks away on Little York. By that time, the suspects were long gone.

"I'm sure they're not within a block of here because they were running when they started and if they're still running, they could be all the way in Dallas by now," said neighbor Rob Robinson.

Three of the suspects got away and remain on the run.

If you have any information, you're being asked to call authorities.

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