Murder, kidnapping suspect wanted out of Henderson County arrested in Galveston


The Galveston Police Department say they were alerted to the possibility that the suspect, Jackie Guthrie, was hiding on the island. They say witnesses recognized Guthrie after watching news reports stating that he is wanted for the kidnapping of a woman and murder of a friend of hers who was attempting to stop the abduction.

At around 10:30pm, officers responded to 30th and Seawall Boulevard where Guthrie was last seen. Police arrived and located Guthrie and his victim. Officers were able to get within 20 feet of the suspect without his knowledge and gave commands to Guthrie to lie on the ground and surrender. Police say Guthrie initially hesitated and the kidnapping victim assisted in convincing him to surrender.

The officer held Guthrie at gunpoint on the ground until backup officers arrive to handcuff him, according to police. They say a search of his clothing revealed a loaded 9mm handgun that is believed to be involved in the murder.

The vehicle that Guthrie drove was towed from the scene for processing.

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