Woman charged with murder in brother's death


Diondra Deville, 27, has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of her brother -- 28-year-old Dominic Small.

The shooting happened in the 10500 block of Mist Lane.

Around 3:45pm, neighbor Sherry Mankin heard something and couldn't help but peer outside.

"There was a lady screaming on the driveway. She was laying down, kind of rolling around, and I came outside and she was yelling and screaming that her husband had been shot," Mankin said.

According to investigators, five adults and five children were in the home at the time of the shooting. Small wasn't welcome there, officials said, and he began fighting several family members.

Deputies said the fight, which was in part over money, started with punches but quickly escalated.

"The sister retrieved a handgun and shot the brother," Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Robert Spurgeon said.

Neighbors spent their Friday night curiously watching Harris County detectives and deputy constables at work -- first documenting the crime scene and then moving family members, including the accused shooter, in and out of the house.

Deville was calm but upset as detectives led her back into the home with her hands bagged for gunpowder residue tests. She emerged wiping away tears. Her brother's wife was distraught.

Neighbors said this isn't the first time officers have been to the house, and they're frightened by the level of violence.

"There's a lot of children in the area, so it makes you a little scared," Mankin said.

CPS says there have been reports documented there. In fact, Deville was caring for Small's children, ranging in age from two to seven years. Those children are now under the care of their grandmother.

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