Have a picnic on a budget this weekend


Take advantage because most stores are offering deals that will make the perfect picnic on a budget. We came up with a few options, everything from hot dogs to brisket to a more fancy picnic with wine and cheese.

Sure it's hot and a bit humid, but who doesn't like a little picnic in the park, especially when you don't have to spend a lot of money?

So we went for some expert advice on picnics for penny pinchers.

"You can do so many different things," Chef Amy Belt said.

Belt gave us a few grocery store options. She put a picnic spread together for $25 and it's perfect for a family.

"The H-E-B fully cooked briskets; there are several different flavors," she said.

That brisket comes with an extra tray of free barbecue. She also purchased a bag of chips and bread for sandwiches.

"You are ready to go -- $25," Belt said.

Next up, she suggested a $20 "romantic" picnic.

"It's going to be more if you want to do just an adult style picnic," Belt said.

She put together fruit, store-brand pita chips, cheese and even wine. These bottles are less than $3 a piece!

And what about a picnic for just $10?

"The $10 option will feed four people," Belt said. "It's super simple, really delicious and it's especially for Memorial Day. When you purchase the sausage for $10, you're going to get five items for free."

That includes soda, barbecue sauce, tortillas, beans and pasta. It's an H-E-B Meal Deal, so grab a store flier.

"You've got to have the coupon so you get it for free," Belt said.

Remember, grocery stores don't have to be your only option if you want to really pinch-pennies.

We hit the 99 Cents Only store to build a picnic from scratch. They've got hot dogs, plus all the fixings. We grabbed chips, soda, fruit, dessert, some bubbles for fun and all the other picnic essentials, like a table cloth, utensils and cups.

It wasn't fancy, but certainly functional. Grand total for this picnic was less than $17.

You can probably relate to this. The best thing about a picnic is there's no huge clean up. Just throw everything away. Plus, it's a great way to spend some quality time with the family.

And keep in mind, you can find most of the grocery stores have deals like we found. Check where you normally shop and you will likely find similar savings there.

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