Two drivers lead police on separate chases


In one, a Houston police officer tried to arrest a driver for speeding along the North Loop, but that driver refused to stop. He continued along the North Freeway, despite the car overheating and smoking.

During the 20-minute chase, officers say the driver kept throwing items -- presumably containers of drugs -- out the window.

In the end, the driver exited onto side streets and eventually crashed into a front yard. He was arrested, telling officer he ran because he just felt like it. He's now been slapped with a couple of felony charges.

In the other chase, officers tried to pull the suspect over for speeding on I-45 near West Road, but she kept going until giving up on Cypress Station near Wells Fargo.

P> The arresting officer did have a mishap while putting handcuffs on the woman and hurt his thumb. He was treated at the scene.

Right now, there is no word on why she took off in the first place. She is facing a felony evading charge.

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