Paramedics find dead baby in refrigerator


The heartbreaking discovery was made at an apartment complex on Beechnut and Fondren. Investigators say the details are still sketchy right now, but they believe the baby could have been in the refrigerator since last Tuesday.

A six-month-old baby found inside the refrigerator in a first floor apartment shattered the usual quiet of this southwest Houston complex.

Neighbor Joseph York said, "I think it's awful for anybody to get killed, but a baby six months old? I don't think that's right, I know it's not.

Investigators say it all began with a 911 call early Wednesday morning. The father allegedly told dispatchers he was suicidal. But when first responders got to the home, they soon realized there was an even more tragic situation.

"When first responders responded to the scene, they in turn learned from neighbors that there was a child in the house," said Sgt. Ora Chandler with HPD Homicide. "In searching for the child in the house, they opened the refrigerator and saw that the decedent was inside the refrigerator."

Investigators say the father was transported to the hospital. The mother, who didn't live in the complex, is being questioned by police.

Neighbors say they saw the child late last week, uncertain when exactly he died, but still in disbelief.

"When I was told he was in the refrigerator, that creeped me out," said neighbor Jessica Menjivar. "First, how can a parent do that, just do that? As soon as you see there's something wrong with your child, you call 911."

Apartment managers said off camera they believe the couple lived in the complex for about a year, but they are uncertain when the mother moved away to be with relatives.

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