Police investigating break-ins after Freeport woman finds stranger watching TV in her apartment


This woman, who we'll call Mary, will tell you her story, but doesn't want to show her face.

"Somebody else may not be so lucky. And there's a lot of single women who live in these apartments. And it's scary," Mary said.

She says Thursday afternoon she walked from her apartment bedroom to her living room and stopped dead in her tracks, when she saw a man sitting on her couch, watching her TV.

"Never heard anybody come in," Mary said. "He was sitting right there where you are. And I seen him, and I just froze."

Mary ducked into a closet and dialed 9-1-1. Her brother, who is a former maintenance worker, thinks these holes drilled into the top of door locks at several of the Villa Brazos apartments easily let the man into his sister's locked apartment.

"Move the lock back and that opens the door," he said.

Apartment management knows about the holes and claims to be taking care of them. When we asked management if they could tell us any more about the holes, one person replied, "No, no. We are just as concerned as she is."

Police suggest double-locking all doors and windows, until they can interview the intruder.

"If he was intoxicated, he could've been confused. I feel that if he wanted to commit another offense, he would've done more than just entered and sat down," Asst. Chief Steven Epperley with the Freeport Police Department.

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