Woman says she was sexually assaulted at work


On February 13, the victim was at work in the 29300 block of Hempstead Highway early in the morning. According to statements in court documents, the woman's co-worker, Carlos Alejandro Godinez, told her they needed to check the building's restrooms. Godinez reportedly sent the woman into a family restroom, then let himself in and locked the door.

The woman told authorities that Godinez began to kiss her and force himself on her. She said she told him to stop and began to struggle with him, but began to fear for her life. The woman claims Godinez choked her as he sexually assaulted her.

After Godinez left the restroom, the woman says she ran from the building and fled to her sister's home. The victim's sister accompanied her back to the place of employment and they called police.

Court documents state that in a statement to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Godinez, 39, admitted to sexually assaulting the woman in the restroom. He's been charged with sexual assault of an adult. Bail has been set at $80,000.

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