Why cats don't make the best workout partners

March 16, 2012 7:13:53 AM PDT
If you're looking for a workout buddy, your cat may not be the best companion. A high school senior in Colorado found that out the hard way.

Seth Franco, 19, took his cat, Stella, out for an afternoon jog on Wednesday. The cat couldn't keep up and quickly began panting, so Franco tied the cat to a rock, planning to retrieve her after the run.

Unfortunately, a flock of hungry crows found Stella first. Some joggers fought to keep the crows away while Franco finished running, and when he returned, they were angry.

"And they were yelling at me, telling me I abuse my animal," said Franco. "I did not intentionally mean to abuse this animal."

Police let Stella go home with Franco since she wasn't hurt, but he is due in court on animal cruelty charges.