CPS takes custody of kidnap victim

March 15, 2012 2:44:22 PM PDT
It could still be some time before a woman is reunited with the son she says was taken from her eight years ago.

The young boy may have finally been found, eight years after he was allegedly kidnapped by his godmother.

There was an emergency court hearing Thursday afternoon for that boy. The woman who says she's his mother was there and says she's upset by what she learned.

The woman claiming to be the boy's mother could be granted a visit with the eight-year-old before her next court date later this month. A CPS case worker told the judge while the little boy seems to be doing OK, he doesn't seem to fully grasp what's going on around him.

Auboni Champion-Morin told us how hurt she was to hear that Miguel, the eight-year-old boy whom she calls her son, believes his accused abductor is really his mother. Krystle Tanner, 26, the former babysitter, allegedly abducted the child in 2004 when he was eight months old.

Champion-Morin said, "I'm trying to be very, very patient and I'm going to get me a lawyer and I'm going to fight this whole thing because this is my child. This is not her child."

Champion-Morin and her husband, the boy's alleged father, testified during Thursday's emergency court hearing. They both told the judge they'd submit to a DNA test to prove the eight-year-old boy, who remains in foster care, is theirs. The CPS investigator who interviewed the boy told the court he's happy but has problems.

"It's hard to hear that he has not had any type of education," Champion-Morin said. "He can't read, he doesn't know his age, he doesn't know anything."

It's a complicated case that seemed to fall through the cracks until now. HPD confirms a police report was filed in 2004 but that the case was closed two years later. Police claim Morin and her husband would not cooperate when investigators tried contacting them on several occasions.

"They never came," she said. "They never came. They said I didn't want a polygraph test and I did. I was pregnant at the time and they told me I couldn't take it. That irritated me."

The results from the DNA tests could take two to three weeks. Morin and her husband, who have four other children at home, are submitting their DNA today. They are due back in court March 28.