Police warn residents of possible serial flasher in Clear Lake area

March 13, 2012 7:59:04 AM PDT
There could be a possible serial flasher in the Clear Lake area, as a man has exposed himself. Police worry it wasn't his first time and that it won't be his last.

An arrest has been made and it's being examined to see if it could connected to a handful of other cases on Houston's southeast side. At least one other case, though, remains unsolved, and when you combine both of these incidents, neighbors are somewhat on edge.

It's a quiet Clear Lake apartment complex on Highway 3 at Buoy. It's well-maintained with security gates -- a place where people tend to feel safe. Five weeks ago came the first notice delivered to tenants about a man seen peering through a first floor window late at night. That had the instant effect of prompting precautions.

"You keep an extra eye out for anybody walking around who doesn't have a car or anything like that," said resident Nick Edwards.

Late last month, the alleged peeper was arrested. But last week, another notice was circulated by apartment management. This one was about a man exposing himself. It happened March 6 outside a laundry room. He was seen by a 21-year-old woman on her way to the complex gym. That, too, has had an effect on a lot of people who live here, especially those with children.

"Going out in the day, not around the pool since that's closed, but basically watching out," said Edwards.

The Houston Police Department is working with neighboring police departments which may have had similar reports made at different apartment complexes in the same area of the so-called flasher. Police advise people to be cautious.

"It's very possible it could start out as a flasher and then become a sexual assault, so it's very serious," said Captain. M. R. Fougerousse with HPD.

Police are throwing investigative resources at this case. If you have any information, you're asked to call authorities.