Suspect shot by deputy in Humble area

February 17, 2012 3:42:29 PM PST
A wanted man is in the hospital after a chase and shooting involving Harris County Sheriff's deputies. Police say the suspect is a "major player" in meth trafficking. This morning he was shot by a deputy while trying to avoid being arrested.

The suspect and shooting victim in this case, Jeremy Perkins, is someone law enforcement calls a major player when it comes to moving meth between Mexico and the US. They say he knew he was a wanted man.

There was a short pursuit this morning before Perkins was shot by a Harris County Sheriff's deputy. The Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force had been looking for Perkins for about three weeks on a warrant for drug trafficking out of Monroe, Louisiana. They spotted him in Kingwood this morning and when he tried to leave the area, they followed him, pursuing him briefly, to the Humble area, just east of Highway 59, off Will Clayton.

Law enforcement lost track of Perkins for a short time, searched a nearby car dealership, but eventually spotted his car at a Jack in the Box. He'd gone into the woods and deputies chased after him. Eventually shooting him in the left forearm, when they say he showed a weapon.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said, "He put the gun to his head, made threats against the officer and then turned. As he was given commands to drop the weapon, he then turned his weapon toward the deputy."

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Brown fired, striking Perkins at least once in the forearm.

"You got to realize, this is a bad guy," said Alfredo Perez with Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force. "This guy is selling a lot of drugs, moving a lot of drugs, and he's got a gun. Then he's trying to be stopped by law enforcement personnel, he's running, and he still has a gun in his hand."

Perkins was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. He sustained a non life threatening gunshot wound to lower forearm. Passersby believe it's better that than the other way around.

"I'm just glad they did catch him and nobody else got hurt," said Brian Oliver.

No one in law enforcement was injured.

Deputy Brown, a 26-year veteran, is on a standard three-day administrative leave.

Perkins has charges pending, including aggravated assault against a police officer and felony possession with intent to distribute.