Last-minute deals on flowers still available

February 13, 2012 3:25:24 PM PST
If your sweetie hasn't had a chance to order your Valentine's Day flowers and get them delivered, it may be too late.

Many florists have already reached their maximum deliveries. But not to worry we have you covered -- and on a budget.

If your Valentine is a last-minute shopper for flowers, it's OK to clue them in on where to find the best price. We price compared a dozen roses at the grocery store and the Fannin Flower District to see where you can find a last-minute deal.

The Fannin Flower District just southwest of downtown is where Michael Beall gets his Valentine's Day flowers each year.

"You can get 20 bucks for a dozen," Beall said.

So we decided to check out the Fannin Flower and Garden Center. There, you can pick out your own flowers and florists will arrange them for you. You can also pick up an arranged bouquet of flowers from the hundreds of arrangements already made.

A dozen red roses plus other flowers in a vase costs $40. If you are looking for a bigger arrangement with a bigger impact, those cost around $85. Normally, it would cost double that price if it was delivered.

At Fannin Flowers, no prices are marked so feel free to bargain and let them know your budget before you agree on a price.

Over at the grocery store, as one shopper discovered, be prepared to pay more than usual.

"The flowers, of course because of Valentine's Day, go sky high. I normally come here to get the roses because they are $9.99 at the most and now they are almost twice that," one shopper said.

We decided to compare the price of a dozen roses red or any other color not arranged in a vase at the three big grocery stores including Randalls, Kroger and HEB.

At Randalls, we found the price of a dozen roses $19.99 with your Randalls card. At Kroger, we found a dozen red roses for $17.99 with your Kroger card. At HEB, we found the best price of all three stores, $14.99 a dozen.

At Fannin Flowers and Garden Centers, expect to pay $20 for a dozen roses.

Another inexpensive alternative to a dozen roses is a potted plant. The grocery stores have some options priced under $12. As for supply, the grocery stores tell us they have plenty of stock to get them through Tuesday.