Cleveland ISD's student-run TV station teaches valuable skills

February 7, 2012 4:08:13 PM PST
About 200 students at Cleveland High School are getting a head start, learning to do various jobs behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And they say it's their mission to produce positive programs.

In a classroom at Cleveland High, students have turned part of their school into a working TV studio.

CISD TV Channel 4 is a student-run station, broadcasting to more than 4,000 viewers in the Cleveland area each day.

"This program does give you confidence, and it makes you see talents in yourself that you wouldn't have seen anywhere else," said Renee Duncan, a Cleveland High senior.

Duncan hosts and produces a weekly show called "Teen Focus." Other Cleveland students in the audio visual production classes are learning to edit and direct, as well as learning other useful skills.

"I've learned a lot of skills. I've learned how to switch and work the camera, and direct films also," said Cleveland High student Ricky Davis.

These students say they get a thrill producing nine different shows each week and covering special events for their cable access channel.

"It feels like an accomplishment, you know, what you made is on there. You had no one's help other than, you know, your classmates, and you feel more bigger than your own self," said student Joshua Knox.

The instructors say the award-winning station is helping some students realize the potential for careers in the industry.

"Maybe in news or possibly make my own TV show," said Cleveland High senior Gabriel Green.

These future filmmakers, broadcasters and engineers say CISD TV helps many students boost confidence.

"When you leave this classroom, people will pat you on the back and say you did really good today," Duncan said.

People outside this area can catch some of the students' work on CISD TV Channel 4's Youtube channel.