Save money, de-clutter your makeup bag

February 6, 2012 3:15:47 PM PST
If you want to get a jump start on spring cleaning, ladies, we are starting with your makeup bag. We found a way you can clear the clutter and save money too.

There is no need to carry so much stuff in your makeup bag. Our 61-year-old makeup artist and super model says less is more. She found you can get rid of some of your makeup brushes and use one product several ways to really de-clutter.

In the industry, she is known as the silver-haired super model. She was discovered at age of 49 on the streets of New York City, Cindy Joseph has worked with the best in the business.

"The first modeling job I ever did was a Dolce and Gabana, photographed by Steven Meisel," Joseph said.

But prior to that, Joseph had been working behind the scenes for 27 years as a makeup artist working with super models that included Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. So she knows what works and what doesn't.

"When you feel good about who you are, you start looking better," Joseph said.

And Joseph says women are carrying around way to much stuff in their makeup bag.

"Pare it down, keep it simple; it's all pretty stuff but you don't need it all," she said.

So Joseph suggests looking for products that offer multi-purposes. One of her favorites is mascara.

"If your eyebrows are a little light and a little sparse, instead of using your eyebrow pencil and you've already got your mascara, do your eyelashes and then boom, boom, boom, do your eyebrows and you are good to go," Joseph said.

Another one of Joseph's favorite multi-purpose products is clear nail polish -- not just to paint your nails but she learned in the super model world, you can use it also to remove old nail polish by applying a coat and removing the old polish.

"When you are in a pinch, this is a great trick," Joseph said.

When it comes to all over color for your face, Joseph has a new product from her own line called BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. This one product for $24 is a lipstick, blush, eye shadow and more all in one.

"A lot of these products that we're showing you are not only multi-taskers but they don't use any applicators," Joseph said.

For help removing your makeup under your eyes, Joseph says lip balm works wonders. Her products are called BOOM!STICK Color and BOOM!STICK Glo but she says a lip balm made with all natural ingredients is a good substitute.

"It moisturizers under your eye and it clears up any makeup that has fallen below," Joseph said.

And for those who need to wash their hair but don't have time, here's a super model's insider secret: Don't waste your money on dry shampoo products; Joseph says for years models have been using cornstarch.

Here is one more "two for one" to tame unruly eyebrows: Super models for years have used what is called "Duo" eyelash glue. Just dab a tiny bit on your eyebrows to make sure they stay! Again, no need for a pencil, no eyebrow brush, just one product.