Website used by police departments across TX hacked

February 3, 2012 3:31:38 AM PST
Hackers have struck again, this time putting the target on the Texas Police Association's website.

The results -- the names and addresses of hundreds of police officers are now published for all to see. This security breach has law enforcement concerned for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is it puts police officers and potentially their families at risk.

Claiming responsibility for all of this is the hacking group known as Anonymous. The hackers broke into the Texas Police Association website and stole names and addresses -- some of them home addresses -- along with logins and passwords for more than 700 Texas police officers.

The group says the breach is in response to a Dallas ABC affiliate's news story about an officer in the town of Wylie put on administrative leave while he is being investigated for child pornography.

In a website posting, Anonymous wrote 'administrative leave should be reserved for injured officers,' not for what the group calls, 'kiddie porn-collecting cops.'

The Texas Police Association says this is a serious threat.

"This is very serious, not just from the standpoint of law enforcement, but for every private citizen out there as far as their privacy," said Executive Director of the Texas Police Association Erwin Ballarta.

Uncertainty now remains on what happened to that data. The same hacking group was behind a similar breach last year with the Texas Police chief's website. The FBI is now investigating the latest incident.