Driveby shooting at home of teen in school shooting

January 13, 2012 3:47:51 AM PST
There's a new development involving the family of a North Forest High School student who police say shot a classmate. That suspect's family says someone drove by their home and opened fire overnight.

Warren Lewis' attorney says his mother and sisters were at home when the shooting started. Police were able to get them to safety.

Lewis, 18, was arrested and is accused of shooting another student at North Forest High School Wednesday. He'll remain in custody.

Lewis was in court Thursday morning and his attorney, Tanika Solomon, asked for a reduction in his bond, which is currently set at $30,000. The judge denied that request, saying the circumstances of having a gun on a school campus were simply too serious.

Lewis' attorney acknowledged that jail might be the safest place for him, saying that Wednesday night there was violence in his neighborhood and they believe his family was a target.

"Warren Lewis' home was targeted by gunfire," Solomon said. "His mother and two sisters had to run from the house, escorted by police. They're here today in court, fearing still for their own safety. This is not just a mere issue of bullying. This is not just an issue of students seeking retaliation on the school campus. These are real threats to his life and his family's life."

Lewis' mother and sister were in court, but did not talk to reporters.

Prosecutors say they will file an additional charge against Lewis for having a weapon on campus.

Lewis' attorney said his family has not decided what to do about bond. She said while it would be easiest to prepare his defense if he were out on bond, remaining in custody may be the safest place for him.

Houston police confirmed the shooting incident. As to the motivation behind any kind of violence in the neighborhood, that will be left to investigators.

Bond remains set at $30,000, and the additional charge could add another $5,000. While Lewis remains in custody, we've been told he is not to have any contact with the person he is accused of shooting, or the person with whom he had the original altercation.