Driver killed in crash outside SW Houston club


That crash happened on Richmond Avenue and police say the men had just been involved in a fight at a strip club. Preliminary reports indicated that the man who died had been shot, but now police say that's not the case.

Police say the three men were speeding down Richmond when the truck rolled over hitting a utility pole. The driver was killed and one passenger may lose his hand.

The third man was brought back to the scene a short time ago to talk to police. He had been treated for minor injuries.

Police say at 5:10am the men left the Legends strip club after getting into a fight, during which witnesses say the driver made a gesture that indicated he had a weapon. The men left the club in a hurry after the bouncer reportedly told them to leave.

Initially, police believed there might have been a shooting involved, but now they say this driver was does not appear to have been shot. He was thrown and his body skidded 100 feet while the truck was flipping over before it hit the pole.

An autopsy will be performed to determine his cause of death, but police say no evidence of a shooting was found.

Neighbors say the many clubs located along Richmond cause a lot of problems.

"It's clearly -- hit the curb here, roll over a pole, roll over utility/stoplight box. It rolled probably three or four times," said HPD Sgt. Phil Waters. "The driver is ejected from the seat and two other passengers remain inside."

"It happens all the time," said neighbor Susanna Sisson. "This is the worst. It's just a matter of time before they go into somebody's house. It's a shame that we have so many bars in this area."

Police haven't released the victim's name, but we have heard that he and the two others were employed as carpet layers. The man with the hand injury is at Memorial Hermann Hospital where doctors are trying to preserve what they can.

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