Allegedly drunk man accused of letting boy drive car


Omar Ornelas Lopez, 27, is charged with endangering a child. Court documents state officers noticed the young boy driving the vehicle southbound on Croquet in southwest Harris County. The 13-year-old driver turned onto Heatherbloom at a high rate of speed and failed to signal his turn. Police followed the vehicle through the neighborhood of Windsor Village.

Police say at every turn, the young boy would not signal and would make such a wide turn that he would be in the middle of the street after turning.

According to court documents, police stopped the vehicle in the 6400 block of Heatherbrook and officers say the 13-year-old nephew was observed driving. Court records show Lopez attempted to exit the vehicle and stumbled, and that he smelled of alcohol. Lopez allegedly had glassy eyes and slurred speech, and authorities say he was clearly intoxicated. Court documents state an open Bud Light was found on the floor of the vehicle.

Court records show a search of the vehicle found three fake ID's including a permanent residence card, a Social Security card and a Texas driver's license.

Lopez was arrested and bond has been set at $15,000.

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