Authorities searching for missing elderly woman


Lillian High never misses work and she's never late, so when she didn't show up for work at the Chase Bank on Beltway 8 and Interstate 45, it was clear something wasn't right.

High's family looked for her all day long. The last time she spoke with them was Sunday night. They say she always checks in with them when she's going or coming.

High's son, Earl, checked her southeast Houston home Monday morning when the bank called to say she hadn't arrived at work. He said everything was in order, and her purse and car were missing, but it was as if she left for work like normal and just never arrived.

Her family says she got a clean bill of health from her doctor just three weeks ago, and it's not like her to not be in touch so they're worried sick.

"This time, it's in God's hands," said Earl. "My belief at this point is that she had a mild stroke, she's confused, she's lost and she's sitting some place for us to find her."

High is driving a rental car because hers is at a shop for repairs. That car is a black, four-door Dodge Avenger with the license plate CD6 J492.

If you see High or the vehicle, her family urges you to call Houston police. They've filed a missing persons report and have checked hospitals as well as the morgues, but so far, they have found nothing.

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