Motorcycle rider killed in freak accident on SW Freeway


The motorcycle was found upright and leaning against the HOV exterior wall. Authorities say they don't know how or why the driver of the Suzuki motorcycle lost control.

It happened during rush hour about 4pm Friday. The driver of that motorcycle was traveling southbound on the 59 South HOV lane near Edloe, when somehow, the driver fell of the motorcycle and over the barrier wall. The driver's body fell at least 50 feet and onto the lower freeway crashing into the windshield of a Toyota Camry.

The driver of the motorcycle died instantly, say authorities. Despite that horrible crash, the driver of the Camry was able to stop his car and received only minor cuts to his hands and arms say police.

"The fact that he was able to maintain control after having something like that occur was extraordinary," Houston Police Sgt. Ray Gonzales said.

Because of the accident, two lanes of the Southwest Freeway northbound past Newcastle were closed and the HOV lane southbound was completely shut down between Edloe and Hillcroft.

The motorcycle rider has been identified as David Lee Cothran, Jr., 28, of Louisiana. Investigators say Cothran was wearing a helmet and witnesses said he did not appear to be speeding. At this point, it's not clear what caused him to lose control.

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