Trash problem in bayou irks residents, golfers


Golfer Joe Martinez loves Gus Wortham Golf Course, even if the view from the seventh hole isn't so pretty.

"All over here. Right against the fence there. Trash, cups and paper and everything," Martinez said.

The tributary that runs off Brays Bayou and through the golf course looks more like a dumping ground than a scenic waterway. And golfers say it's been this way for years.

"Anybody can clean it. Someone should clean it. We don't care who," said golfer Manual Caballero.

But that's been the uncertainty, Golfers say they know trash from people upstream of the waterway ends up on the course, but aren't sure who's suppose to clean up the mess.

"I don't know who should clean. I don't know if it belongs to the city or county of whoever," said Martinez.

So we did some checking. It turns out that even though the Harris County Flood Control is responsible for Brays Bayou, a little creek off that bayou is actually the responsibility of the city. Though the problem of illegal dumping involves everyone.

"We've got people who break the law and illegally dump items and litter, and it's against the law. It's something we all battle -- all of us battle including the Flood Control," said Heather Saucier of the Harris County Flood Control.

The city's Parks Department says it does try to keep the creek clean, but admits money is limited while the trash seems unending.

"If you cleaned up today, it will probably return tomorrow, so you need to find where the trash is coming from," said golfer Fred Salinas.

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