Adult novelty stores hit by robbers

HOUSTON In just the past week, at least three Zone D' Erotica stores have been held up -- one on Highway 249 and FM1960, the others off of I-45. Investigators are trying to figure out if the same group is responsible.

A guy racing into the store with a shotgun, a masked man with a handgun and a woman propping open the door to Zone D' Erotica for a quick escape were all caught on camera.

"This was the first time that we got robbed with a shotgun," said Christine, the store manager.

The manager of the adult novelty shop doesn't want to show her face, but she is hoping someone recognizes the crooks who robbed her clerk in the middle of the night last Thursday.

13 Eyewitness News has obtained surveillance video which shows the clerk putting his hands up as the thieves demand money. You can also see the crooks cleaning out the cash register before terrorizing the clerk even more.

"They picked him up and dragged him to find more money," Christine said.

The entire robbery lasted less than two minutes before the thieves ran off.

Christine said, "I guess because of hard times everybody just assuming going to the snatch and grab, instead of working for what they want. They are trying to find a fast, easy way."

The store manager told me similar robberies happened at two sister stores in north Houston this week and detectives are comparing notes.

Police say they don't have many leads on these robbers, but one store manager is giving the thieves a big warning.

She said, "They are being caught on tape and the police is looking for them."

Workers say they have beefed up security. Police are encouraging anyone with information about these robberies to give Conroe police a call.

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