Family escapes burning home

HOUSTON The house at Rosedale and Dowling is expected to be a total loss after it caught fire around 11pm while the homeowner's adult stepdaughter was cooking with grease on the stove.

"She hollered up the stairs there was a fire," said homeowner Jerry Goff. "I went down there to put it out and the whole kitchen was in flames."

When Goff woke overnight to his stepdaughter calling for help, he knew he'd have to act fast.

"They couldn't go down the stairs. The smoke was coming down the stairs," he said. "It was smoking real bad."

Two of his grandkids, a 6-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, were stuck upstairs on the balcony as fire began to eat away at the house until his brother-in-law, who was staying on the back of his property, thankfully stepped in to help.

"I just saw fire. All I was trying to do was to get them out, everybody out," said family member Joe Saucier.

The 6-year-old came down the ladder. The 10-year-old jumped and sprained his ankle.

There were five people in house at the time of the fire. Goff is just waiting on things to dry out.

"That's a big job, to gut that and clean that out, but I've got to do it myself because I got no insurance," he said.

He says he paid the insurance bill for decades, but when they wouldn't help him after Hurricane Ike, he gave it up and will rely on family to help him rebuild after this disaster.

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