Live oaks returning to Galveston's Broadway


Thirty-six of the towering trees are being planted in the median of the east end of the island city's main east-west traffic artery within the next few weeks.

The new trees shading Galveston's main boulevard stand 15 to 25 feet tall on trunks as thick as 10 inches in diameter. Planting of the Broadway oaks and another 19 palms will continue through the week, said Priscilla Files, tree planting coordinator for the Galveston Island Tree Conservancy.

Ike's briny storm surge killed most of the island's trees. Since the storm, the Tree Conservancy has worked with volunteers to restore the city's greenery. So far, the conservancy has planted 7,900 trees en route to a goal of 25,000 tree plantings in five years.

The Tree Conservancy hoped to have about 9,000 new trees planted by the end of the year, Files said.

"We're going to end up with some shade and all the benefits that trees give us in the city and continue replanting what was lost to Ike," she told the Galveston County Daily News.

The $185,000 Broadway planting was funded by private donations. In March, volunteers and the Texas Forest Service planted more than 400 trees throughout the island. Trees also will be planted at Lasker, Sheppard and Gus Allen parks.

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