It's officially a Texas-sized drought

HOUSTON State Climatologist Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon says this is a first for the Lone Star state since the drought monitor began in 2000. While the severity of the drought is on par with some of the drought years of the 1950s, the duration of this drought has a long way to go to match the drought of 1950-1957.

Dr. Nielsen-Gammon says this one began in October of last year.

Rain in April is a scarce sight this year. Bush Airport has recorded 0.11" of rain this month, while Hobby Airport has only received a trace!

The primary reason for the dry weather is a strong La Nina, or cooler than normal water along the equator in the Pacific Ocean. La Ninas tend to shift the jet stream into the northern part of the US, leaving us hot and dry. There are signs that the jet stream may shift a little farther south next week, bringing us a chance of much needed rain, but not enough to bust the drought.

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