Bush 41 honored for achievements

March 21, 2011 8:59:52 PM PDT
All living former U.S. presidents were together Monday, honoring George H.W. Bush for spending nearly seven decades serving the public.

The tribute gala, featuring an A-list of country performers, was held at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

This was a night about service; three former presidents were there to honor a fourth and to issue a new call for service in America.

The invitation-only crowd was filled with politicians and celebrities.

"I've always been about giving back.. and I try to do everything I can to help people that help .. that's a good citizen to be celebrating I think," singer Darius Rucker said.

"A complete citizen should be volunteering and helping others, and there's no greater example than George Bush and Barbara Bush and what they have done to call attention to the points of light in the world is just remarkable," said Andrew Card, former White House chief of staff.

For two hours there were no democrats or republicans in this politically divided town.

There was talk only of giving back and of the man who first uttered the words---a thousand points of light.

"I think he really had a message in his presidency and it's gone on and on and it'll endure forever and that is a life without service to others is not a complete life," sportscaster Jim Nantz said.

Several points of light were recognized tonight, offering examples of how one person, one family, really can make a difference when it's needed.

President Obama wasn't at the event because he was on a trip to South America. However, he recorded a video for the president.