Continental recalling tires used on Ford trucks

March 18, 2011 7:56:33 AM PDT
Continental Tire says it will recall 390,000 truck tires, most of which are used as original tires on 2008-2009 Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks. Continental says about 330,000 of the tires were used on new Ford trucks while the rest were sold as replacement tires. The company says there was a fatal crash involving the tires in January 2011.

Some of the tires could experience uneven wear, vibration or separation between the belt edges in cases where the truck is overloaded or underinflated.

The recalled tires are LT275/70R18 125/122S with outline white letters and black sidewall and ContiTrac size LT275/70R18 125/122S with black sidewall produced between May 2007 and September 2008.

The tires will be replaced free of charge.

Owners can call (888) 799-2168 for more information.