Three suspects nabbed in marijuana cases

Seventeen-year-old Andrew Charles Davis, left, and Taylor William Sechelski, 19, were two of three suspects arrested after Friendswood officers allegedly found proof of marijuana use during traffic stops.

March 9, 2011 2:05:30 PM PST
Friendswood police say they've arrested three suspects during two separate traffic stops on accusations revolving around the use of marijuana.

Nineteen-year-old Taylor William Sechelski and Theodore William Redding, 28, were arrested Thursday evening and Andrew Charles Davis, 17, was arrested Friday afternoon, according to a Friendswood Police Department statement.

On Thursday evening, a Friendswood officer pulled over Davis in the 16500 block of Barcelona for not wearing a seatbelt. The officer smelled marijuana and asked to search Davis' car. The officer couldn't find anything in his car, and gave Davis a verbal warning for the seatbelt violation.

But as the officer walked back to his patrol car, he saw a small bag of marijuana under his vehicle. The officer reviewed his dash-cam video and saw Davis had reached into his pants, dropped a bag of marijuana and kicked it under the back of the patrol car while the officer was searching Davis' car.

Less than an hour later, an officer pulled over Sechelski and Redding for a traffic violation in the 100 block of Sunset Drive and smelled marijuana. Both suspects allegedly confessed smoking pot just before getting stopped. During a search, the officer found a "Clean Steam Urine Fetish" synthetic urine kit and a marijuana grinder.

Sechelski, of Navasota, was charged with falsification of drug test results. Redding, of Yoakum, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Davis was arrested Friday after the Harris County District Attorney's office accepted a charge of possession of marijuana and a warrant was filed for his arrest.