Trash mound being removed from SE Houston neighborhood

February 23, 2011 4:36:16 PM PST
Residents are fed up with the dump they say one property in their southeast Houston neighborhood has become. They say it's not only ugly, but a health hazard. People who live on Burma near Calais say they've been begging the city to do something about the mountain of trash on their street for some time now. Well, we now have some good news. It should be gone soon and the owner has to pay up.

It is not the view Della Armstrong would like to see from her front porch.

"It's terrible," she said. "I mean, it's terrible, going to set something on fire."

Right next door to the home she's lived in for 40 years is a pile of trash so high it obscures the house behind it. There are old paint cans, discarded computer monitors, exposed nails and even a shopping cart. So many things, summed up in one word.

"It looks horrible," said resident Joyce Miller.

Residents in the southeast Houston neighborhood say mounds of trash that big have been there and gone on and off for more than a year. They say they've seen it shipped in and sometimes, it's inside the fence at 4825 Burma and then right before heavy trash pickup day, someone moves it to the other side.

The plan didn't work this time, says resident Cynthia Booker.

"I saw the city yesterday the heavy trash man and he just passed by," said resident Cynthia Booker.

And everyone is now sick of it.

"I think they should be responsible and fined for it," Armstrong.

In fact, they are. Not even an hour after we called the city, an inspector was on-site taking pictures and posting a citation notice.

"The city not going to pick all that up because it's more than what's supposed to be out there," said city inspector Emmett Walker.

The owner will have to go to court. We called the number posted, but no one called back. We found the property is owned by Bayou City Properties based in Bellaire. There is no trash in front of its building. Della Armstrong wants her view to be just as clear.

"It just brings the neighborhood down," she said.

Since we were out there, the city tells us the property manager assured them they are making arrangements to remove the trash on their own. We have still not heard back from Bayou City Properties. The fine they face is not much -- up to $200.

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