Galveston firefighters help deliver baby on side of road

February 22, 2011 8:20:28 AM PST
Galveston firefighters helped with a special delivery on Monday morning by delivering a baby boy on the side of Broadway Boulevard.

Shortly after 3:00am, the firefighters aboard Rescue 5 were returning to their station from an automobile accident when they received a call regarding a female in labor traveling east on Broadway Blvd. They located the car and discovered a female in the backseat already in active labor. The firefighters delivered a baby boy and began assisting both mother and child.

Galveston EMS arrived shortly afterwards, took over care for both patients, and transported them to UTMB.

"This is exactly what we train for! We can't train for every possible scenario, but we can train to expect the unexpected and be ready to tackle the situation at hand," said Galveston Fire Chief Jeff Smith.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Wisko added that firefighters James Short and Steven Beall handled the situation perfectly and the department is very proud of them.