Vandals slash tires in NW Houston

January 22, 2011 6:40:11 PM PST
A vandal is slashing tires in northwest Houston and neighbors are concerned someone is going to get hurt.

Several people who live near Donna Lynn and Chantilly discovered they had flat tires this morning.

Katy McCarthy asked her mother to give her a ride to get a rental car, but as they backed out of the driveway, they realized the mother's tires were also flat. The vandal punctured all five tires, including the spare.

McCarthy says the hole is so small that drivers might not notice anything is wrong until they're in traffic.

"That little bit of damage, you don't realize but had my mother gotten on the freeway -- and it took about five minutes for the tire to go flat -- had she gotten on 290 going 55 miles an hour, she could have been killed," she said.

McCarthy says her local tire repair shop fixed 17 cars with similar damage just today.

She has filed a police report.