Police: Elderly couple robbed by fake water workers

January 16, 2011 7:58:01 AM PST
There's a warning for residents in the community of Piney Point Village. Investigators say people posing as water department workers ripped off an elderly couple last week. On Wednesday at around 6pm, two elderly residents heard a knock at their door. When they answered, a Hispanic man and white woman said they were from the water department and someone was working on a leak in their back yard.

Police say as the pair distracted the residents, a white male entered the home and ransacked the master bedroom. The third person was seen by the resident, who asked why he was there.

Police say the three of them left in a white four-door car. The residents later discovered jewelry and other items taken. No one was injured.

In a release, the Memorial Villages Police Department described how to identify legitimate service employees in the area:

    "Hunters Creek Village and Piney Point Village are both serviced by the Memorial Villages Water Authority. The MVWA employees wear blue shirts with a patch above each pocket. On one side is their name and the other is the MVWA logo. MVWA employees should never ask to enter your home. If a utility worker asks to enter your home you should call their office at 713-465-8318. If they are not in proper uniform you should promptly secure your door and call 911.

    The City of Bunker Hill Village utility workers all wear navy blue shirts with a patch above each front pocket. One side has their name and the other has the city's logo. They told our detectives that they always try to park their vehicles so that the markings are clearly visible to homeowners. If someone identifies themselves as a City of Bunker Hill Village utility worker and they are not in the proper uniform, secure your door and call 911 immediately.

    If you are unsure of the legitimacy of any utility worker you should call their office and confirm their identity. It is not common practice for any utility worker to work inside your home."