Inmates put to work cleaning up trash

Prisoners on the work duty will wear special clothing that distinguishes them as jail inmates

January 11, 2011 11:19:55 AM PST
Sheriff R. Glenn Smith announced the Waller County Sheriff's Office inmate work program, to utilize Waller County Jail inmates to pick up trash and litter along the county maintained roadways throughout the county. Sheriff Smith said the work program will utilize only those inmates who are classified as low risk inmates who volunteer for the work program . The Texas Commission for Jail Standards requires that inmates volunteer for these types of work programs.

The inmates will be supervised by reserve deputies and jail personnel. They will wear special clothing that distinguishes them as jail inmates.

The inmate workers will collect trash and litter found along the county roads. Large articles will be marked and reported to the Waller County Road and Bridge Department for collection.

Sheriff Smith said that not only will the program help beautify the roads along the county it will help the county maintenance department by cleaning prior to any mowing projects. Illegal dumping cases will be identified and investigated by deputies supervising the work crews.