Residents in SE Houston upset over utility issues

HOUSTON People at the apartment complex off Selinksy near Martindale say they don't know when they'll have all their utilities back. And things, they say, got even worse this weekend.

Resident Jamisha Carr says she has had enough.

"You haven't been able to cook hot meals," she said. "It's a mess."

The problems are especially difficult for her daughter and grandkids.

The Carrs are among several residents complaining about utility issues at Villa Americana apartments from water issues to gas and electricity.

"If you are going to maintain a property, we see you doing improvements, spending money on the property, but come on," said Carr. "You need to step up to the plate."

Some of the residents say they received notice of a power outage due to a part that was needed to make repairs. But they say the gas has been off for four days with no explanation. We called the management number at the bottom of the notice but could only leave a message on Sunday.

The residents say they try to make do with whatever utilities are working each day, but the frustration is growing.

"I have to use my coffee pot to warm up water for me to take a bath and stuff and I don't like that," said resident Sera T. "It's disgusting."

The apartments fall under Section 8 housing, where some residents get partial or full assistance and some fear that's part of the problem.

"Just because we live in government apartments and they help pay for us to live here doesn't mean they should treat us like we're trash out here," said Sera.

And now, residents have received notice the water will be off at times this week. Again, we have calls into the management but could not get a response on Sunday.

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