School employees rescue boy from beating

HOUSTON According to Alief ISD spokesperson Susan Castro, the victim, who is a junior at Elsik High School, was severely beaten about the face by a group of youths near the Elsik 9th grade campus. Castro says the victim had an altercation with someone over the weekend, then early this week didn't get on the bus to go home and was assaulted.

It happened an hour after school ended, and one student saw the aftermath.

Donlesha Shaffer, a senior at Elsik HS, said, "Probably jumped somebody, anyway. Probably did jump the boy right there. But I saw a whole big group of people. Do you hear me? I ain't exaggerating. I'm a smart student, and I ain't exaggerating, ma'am. These people right here were like some of the Munchins, I'm telling you. Them folk run off cross here through this doggone median right here. Already there were a bunch of folk right here, 'cause I'm trying to see where they going."

That group was the same one believed to have chased down a 16-year-old Elsik student. The group had at least 15 people.

The reason for the confrontation is unclear to the school district, but the only thing that prevented the beating from being any worse may have been an intervention by the 9th grade assistant principal and two maintenance workers.

"They were able to step in and at that point the assault stopped," Castro said. "They took off."

The student was injured. He's said to have already had one round of surgery and remains hospitalized. Alief ISD police are investigating.

Donlesha is still stunned by it all.

"I can hold myself, but I'm scared for the little baby. I'm for real," she said. "That ain't cool."

The teenage victim has not been identified. He is reportedly not yet able to try to identify or provide information on his attackers. Anyone with information on the beating is asked to call Alief ISD police.

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